Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig


Type of Rig There is No such Such Thing Called a Hydraulic Reverse Rotary Rig and the Queries You Need to Be Clarified Need to Be Addressed At the Primary Stage.
Drill Bit Give Us Picture with Dimensions and Specs.
Auger Bit Give Us Ricture with Dimensions and Specs.
Drilling Formation Soft and Hard Soil (Sand, Clay, Sandy Cl ay and Rock, Layers) YES FOR ALL TYPES
Drilling Capacity 1500 Ft(457nietei) Depth Yes Confirmed
Drilling Diameter 30”(750mni) upto Say 150’ft Depth and 24”(600 Mm) Up to 1500’ft Derth
Mast Height from Drilling Table 6.5rn to 6.7rn (from the Ground It May Be 7.5m to Bm.)
Hciglit of the Drilling Tab1c Morn Ground About 1meter (1050 mm)
Rig Width and Length 8’ft x 22’ft (2.44m x 6.7m), 7.5 to 8m (With Mast in Vertical condition)
Drilling Table Size Od 787.5mm, Id 686rnm and Height 200mna
Center Hole Dia. of the Drilling Table 686mm
Mast Capacity 25 ton
Mast Built With 75mm Dia Steel Tubes of Suitable Thickness Capable to Bear a Load of 80 Tons, Total Height F

Description of the Drilling Table : The Table is to guide the Drilling Pipe cluring Drilling andalso guides the lowering of the Upper Well Casin=q and Lower Well Casings Pipes of 457mm dia. OD and 219.1mm OD  respectively.  The  Table shall be  in  2 It:iIves.  One  Half  shall  remain  Fixed  rind  attached with tlic Rig Frame and the other Part shall be hiiiq•ed with the Fixed  Part.  This  Part is  taken  aside  to oren the Table when  necessary.  (To  fill  in  the  Gap,  we shall  put another Round Part with 585mm OD and 178rnn lD x200nirn thickness. We shall make this item oursel ‘es).

Size and Type of Drilling Pipe :150 mm ND x 7.1mmWT  in 3m or 10’ft lcngths Male-Female Standard Threaded Ends easy coupling OR with 1S0m m ND x 23mm Thick concentric Flanges with 8 holes, 2 Dowel Pins, 8 Nos. Bolts and Nuts, Washers and Rubber G askets.

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